New Children's PRAYground

What is the best way to learn about Christian worship? To be a part of it. So why did the church spend so many years sending children OUT of the worship space during the worship hour? That question has helped launch a fantastic new movement in churches called “Praygrounds.”

Simply put, a Prayground is an area in the worship space set aside to let children be children while we welcome them into our shared praise of God. At Fondren, the new children’s Prayground is located in our newly renovated balcony. Following the Passing of the Peace, children will be invited to join adult leaders in the Prayground for quiet activities oriented around the scripture for the day. Because they will remain in the worship space, the children hear the hymns, readings, sermon, and creeds of the church. In other words, they learn by overhearing the community at worship.

Welcoming children in worship is both a value of our community and a commitment we make at the time of their baptism. The Prayground is a visible sign of those values and commitments being kept.

Children of all ages are welcome!

Rob Lowry