Introduction to the Enneagram (AKA Enneagram 1) Begins September 16

Do you know your number? Your Enneagram number, that is.

As part of our spiritual formation ministry, another Enneagram class will begin in September . Utilizing Suzanne Stabile’s DVD series, this class is an exploration of the Enneagram as a tool of Christian spirituality. A widely read and respected teacher of the Enneagram as a tool for Christian spirituality, Suzanne is both wise and witty. Her DVD curriculum walks participants through the different parts of the Enneagram and how our own spiritual perspective shapes the way we see the world and one another.

Our next Know Your Number Enneagram class will begin on Monday September 16 and run until November 11 This 9 week class will be team led by Rob Lowry and Stan Wilkinson.

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