The Sacred Journey: Lent 2019

As spring begins to arrive, we find ourselves once again in the season of Lent.

From the Old English word “lencten” (meaning spring season), Lent is a season of renewal and reflection in the Christian life. It is an excellent time to take stock of what is good in our lives and what we need to address to build better relationships and a more just world. Far from the caricature of the season as a time of deprivation and feeling bad about yourself, Lent is a time to explore the possibilities of a renewed life of faith.

As we journey together through this season, there are a number of resources available to help make Lent a time of spiritual growth and fulfillment.

The Spiritual Resources Library- Outside the sanctuary is a table of books oriented toward spiritual growth and devotion. These are available for borrowing.

Daily Devotionals- Doing a daily reading or following a daily devotional like the one compiled by Human Rights Campaign is a great way to build time for reflection into your day.

Wednesday Night Bible Study- Taking a deeper dive into scripture can help make the ancient words come to life today. During Lent we will be studying the second half of the book of Romans with its elegant reminder that “nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

5:45 Contemplative Worship- This quiet service of prayer, contemplation, and relaxing into the moment with the Spirit is a great way to start a busy week.

Sunday Morning Worship- Of course, the most traditional and in many ways the most effective way to settle into a season of engagement with our spiritual lives is to come together in worship. Every Sunday at 11AM we gather as a community around common questions, shared hopes, and our unity in Christ.

Rob Lowry