New Exhibit Explores Relations of Muslims, Christians and Jews

A new exhibit at the International Museum of Muslim Cultures surrounds the theme of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence among the three great Abrahamic faiths. The only museum of its kind in the United States,. the IMMC seeks to build awareness and understanding of the Muslim experience in America.

As part of the new exhibit, the IMMC is hosting a series of moderated conversations on topics related to the exhibit. On October 10, Rob Lowry along with Rabbi Joseph Rosen of Beth Israel Congregation, Rev. Luther Ott from St. Andrews school, Rev. Chuck Poole from Northmister Baptist, and Imam Talib Sharif from Washington D.C. joined independent scholar John Andrew Morrow for a discussion on building peace among faith communities. A video of the evening is available here.

Upcoming events include:

“Islam and the Discovery of Freedom” moderated by Dr. Steve Smith from Millsaps College on Dec. 12.

“Two Americas: the Aspirational and the Real” moderated by Dr. Steve Rozman from Tougaloo College on Jan. 9

“The Struggle for Freedom in America” moderator TBD on Feb. 13.

“Religion and the Freedom Movement: Assessing the Historical and Current Role of Women” moderated by Aisha Waheed on March 12.

Other events will be announced as they are scheduled. All events are open to the public. Events are held from 6pm-8:30pm at the exhibit space 101 East Capitol (corner of Farrish and Capitol across the street from the JSU downtown campus.

Rob Lowry