About Worship at Fondren

The Fondren Presbyterian congregation worships twice on Sundays. 

At 11 AM the service combines traditional and eclectic elements and includes the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper each Sunday, August through June. Members of all ages participate in the liturgy. 

Blessed with an exceptional choir and music staff, Fondren’s morning worship includes music of all kinds, from classical literature to spirituals to contemporary. The church adopted the Presbyterian hymnal, Glory to God, in 2015. Music from historic Christian hymns to traditional music from around the world are woven into our shared worship life.

Children are an important part of our worshiping community. Recognizing that sitting still in a pew for an hour can be a challenge for younger children, Fondren has invested in a children’s “Pray-ground” area. The Pray-ground is designed to engage children during worship allowing them to be themselves and let out a little energy while still being in the worship space and part of the worshiping community. After the Peace, volunteers take children up to 6th grade to the Pray-ground and bring them back to their families following the offering and in time for communion.

In the evening, THE 5:45 (Sundays year-round at 5:45 PM) offers a time of contemplation and prayer as preparation for the coming week. Contemplation involves periods of silence and stillness, engaging our hands and creative spirits in expressions of prayer, or music to lift our hearts. Our prayers focus on confession of our sins, anticipation of God’s forgiveness, petition to God for our families, neighbors, and our world, and thanksgiving to God for all God is and does for us and through us. Like all Christian worship, the goal of THE 5:45 is to draw us closer to God and open our hearts and lives to hear and encounter God’s word.

Fondren celebrates the liturgical seasons of Lent and Advent, as well as other significant days in the church calendar with special services throughout the year.