Troy Pearson, Member Since 2009


Despite the fact that I had been unable to find a niche among the local churches of my own denomination, it had never occurred to me to consider the Presbyterian Church. Then one day in May of 2008, when I was in need of some spiritual healing, a close friend invited me to attend Fondren Presbyterian Church with her. This was to be a visit, not a commitment, and certainly nothing permanent, so my hopes were not high. Little did I know the unforeseen surprise that was in store for me!

Expecting to find a cool and dignified aloofness, I was delighted to find a warm, smiling, genuinely caring spirit instead. Right off the bat, the Sunday School class really impressed me. Here was a place where people spoke their minds and shared their insights and concerns with one another in a wonderful way. There was, and remains, a sense of camaraderie as people in this class journey together, exploring what it means to follow Christ. As a group, they seek a more satisfying understanding of how to struggle with spiritual concerns, how to face adversity, and how to navigate through the amazing, confusing, sometimes frightening, world in which we live. In addition to members of the Sunday School class, other members of the congregation, of all ages and walks of life, reached out to me in welcome and acceptance.

So I continued to attend Fondren, and things only got better as I got to know its people and the wonderful new, young pastor who came to lead them. I found that these people don't just talk, they serve, and opportunities to serve abound. I joined the church in early 2009, even as my dear friend who had first invited me there struggled against a prolonged, serious illness. Sadly, she passed away. I think of her and miss her all the time. She was truly one of the best friends I have ever had. The greatest gift she gave me was to introduce me to Fondren Presbyterian Church.

At Fondren, I have found spiritual healing, a nurturing fellowship, real friendship and a pathway for service. It is a place where the rubber meets the road for me in my spiritual journey. I invite anyone to try Fondren. Get to know our people, whose opinions are diverse, but pragmatic and focused on our role as God's servants in a world of need and opportunity. See what a wonderful gift Fondren Presbyterian Church truly is.

Laura Beth Lott