John & Kasey McKay, Members Since 2009


Having both grown up in the Presbyterian Church, Kasey and I found the atmosphere and worship service at Fondren very familiar. From childhood through college and throughout our residencies in other states, we have experienced many different churches and congregations. Through this process of trial and error, we honed in on what type of church we wanted: a place that would strengthen us as individuals and as parents and help us raise our three daughters with the values we hold dear.

When we relocated back to Jackson shortly after our first child was born, we began our search for what would become our family’s church, a search that took us to numerous churches in the Jackson metro area. We found no other church that exhibited our ideals of the Christian faith like the one we found at Fondren. The message of love, compassion, and empathy were on display from the first sermon we heard to the present day. 

Fondren represents everything we were looking for in a church—a traditional worship service with beautiful, enriching music and great sermons that make us really think about our relationship with God. More than anything else, the people who worship at Fondren have become our extended family; they help guide our family through its ups and downs.

Laura Beth Lott