Jane Sanders, Member Since 1997


Early in 1997 I was in search of a new church. I was in a transition period of my life. My mother had died a few months earlier; my father was in poor health, and I was unhappy in the church I had been attending for several years. It was a large church that I found impersonal, rigid in its doctrines, and not much interested in older single adults. I felt I did not matter to that church.

I began visiting other churches in the northeast Jackson area. Fondren was not the first church I visited but it was the last. From my first visit I felt a warmth and interest I had not found elsewhere. From the greeters at the door to the many people in the pews who spoke, I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. I received several phone calls from the pastor telling me about the church and its members. Fondren reminded me of the small churches I had attended growing up.

Additional visits revealed a congregation where different generations gladly interacted, women had leadership roles, the music program was outstanding, and the worship services, while traditional, had sermons that were both challenging and theologically sound. 

I joined a Sunday School class where inquiry and diversity of thought were welcomed and divergent opinions were treated with respect.

I was impressed with the church’s involvement in community outreach programs and social justice issues. Diversity was welcomed and encouraged. I learned the long history of the church in social justice issues and the on-going commitment to community improvement.

It did not take many visits to realize I had found my church home. I joined the church in August 1997.

I came seeking a church where I could be of service, be encouraged to explore new theological ideas and concepts, and be part of a caring congregation with a heart for worship and service to God and the community. I found that and more at Fondren Presbyterian Church.

Laura Beth Lott