Diane and Dave Blankenhorn, Members Since 1956


When I was in elementary school, my mother used to ride the bus to work every morning. She became friends with Wilda McNeil, also a bus rider. When Mrs. McNeil learned that I was un-churched, she and her husband began picking me up every Sunday morning and taking me to Fondren. At that time, Fondren was located in a house on North State Street. Mrs. McNeil, also known as the missionary of St. Ann Street, taught Sunday School. I continued to attend Fondren until I decided to switch to First Presbyterian, where many of my friends went.

Dave and I were married at First Presbyterian, but for some reason, when we came back to Jackson, I decided that we should attend Fondren. It was the best decision I ever made. By that time, the church was in its present location. I was invited to Circle and have been active in Presbyterian Women ever since. I began to teach the two- and three-year-olds and taught them for decades. At some point I became church librarian (I plan to turn that job over Sarah Jane Alston very soon). Joining the Handbell Choir has brought more pleasure to me than any other activity. We always have so much fun at practice. We may feel too tired to come, but once we get there, we’re so glad we came.

Our sons David and Robby were very happy to attend Fondren and still enjoy visiting when they are in town. David especially likes to see Richard Dortch, his favorite Sunday School teacher. My husband, Dave, quickly found his niche at Fondren. He is the special occasion breakfast cook and head usher. Sometimes he is a husher, sometimes a squasher. He has a real knack for teaching children how to behave in church. 

I can’t imagine life without Fondren Presbyterian Church. It’s where my friends are and where my heart is.

Laura Beth Lott