Presbyterian Women

Fondren's Presbyterian Women are part of the PCUSA's church-wide organization open to all women. They give strong support to the mission of the church and determine their own leadership, program, and budget.



In order to accommodate members’ busy schedules, our PW offers two “circles” that meet monthly for Bible study and fellowship:
- Circle 2 meets on the third Tuesday at 9:30 AM at the church.
- Circle 4 meets on the third Monday at 2 PM in homes.
- A Bible study group for younger women meets one Wednesday night a month.

A circle called the Squares, open to both women and men, meets at 6 PM quarterly in homes for a meal and fellowship.

PW Special Offerings

Fondren Presbyterian Women contribute annually to the Birthday Offering, the Blanket Offering, and the Thank Offering. The Birthday Offering originated in 1922 to celebrate the "Birthday" of Presbyterian Women and is usually celebrated in the spring. The Blanket Offering is taken in January and supports disaster relief efforts of Church World Services. The Thank Offering, usually observed in the fall, awards grants to support mission projects at home and abroad. The PCUSA's Churchwide Creative Offerings Committee selects the recipients of the offerings.