August 2019 Sermon Series "The Biblical Roots of Worship"

Why do we say a prayer of confession every week?

Why do we sing hymns?

Does there have to be a sermon every time we worship?

This August we will explore these and other questions as we dive into the history of the Christian tradition to find why Reformed Christians worship the way we do. Each week will focus on a different part of the worship liturgy and its biblical roots.

August 4 - Gathering in God’s Name What does it mean to gather in God’s name?

August 11 - Confessing Our Sins Are we really that bad?

August 18 - Singing Even if you can’t carry a tune!

August 25 - Sacraments (Lord’s Supper and Baptism) Why only two?

September 1 - Sending What does it mean to be sent into the world in God’s name?

Rob Lowry