Celebrate Life!!

Fondren's Music Emphasis will culminate on Sunday, October 16, at the 11:00 am worship service with the presentation of the 1971 musical CELEBRATE LIFE, music by Buryl Red and lyrics by Ragan Courtney. Adult and youth members will sing, play instruments, and assume the speaking roles of the four Gospel writers.

MUSIC MOMENT: Offerings of Praise

 Music in worship adds so much meaning to my worship experience. The prelude helps me center my thoughts and prepare to participate in the upcoming worship of God. During the offertory I seek to "count my blessings" and ask God to help me be a blessing to others. The postlude gives me the opportunity to think about the coming week and what it may bring. As a member of the choir, I pray that our offerings in worship-the anthems, choral responses, and hymns-will speak to the needs of the congregation.

     When you come to worship each Sunday, I wonder if you realize the time, effort and thought that goes into all the musical parts of worship. The choir director and the organist choose music to go along with the liturgical year and the lectionary readings to give continuity to worship.

     Our organ also adds much to my worship experience. Fondren is planning to upgrade the organ soon. When I learned about the upgrade, I realized that I have known each of the four women who have served as organist since the 1968 installation. We all know what high standards our beloved Judy Sclater set during her many years of wonderful service as the organist. Thanks to Nell and Amy for all they do to make worship more meaningful for everyone who worships here.                  
                       -Peggy Miller  

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