Special Sermon and Service for Healing on July 24

Every year, Mississippi College invites students to anonymously submit written sermons, and judges select a winner to preach in chapel. This year, Amy Lauren Jones, our organist, submitted a sermon entitled “The Least of Us,” based on Matthew 25:40-45. When professors selected it for the Byrd Preaching Award, Amy became the first female to win. Despite the faculty's announcement, an undergraduate male received the award instead. The department apologized for their failure to mention that graduate students did not qualify and assured Amy that she could deliver her sermon at a later date, but she has not been asked to do so. Fondren is happy to welcome Amy to the pulpit today to deliver her prize-winning sermon during 11:00 AM worship on July 24.

And in light of all the tragic events in our community, country, and the world recently, it seems timely for our sister churches to come together for prayer. We will host a prayer service for peace, healing, and wholeness at Fondren Sunday afternoon, July 24, 5:00-6:00 PM. Our sister Presbyterian churches, Briarwood and Faith, are planning to join us, and Faith's choir is going to sing! Van has prepared a lovely order of service consisting of prayers, hymns, times for reflection, and the passing of the peace. We also expect participation by St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Fondren Church, and St. James Episcopal Church. Join us as we pray for all the afflicted communities and the families of those who have died in these tragic events.

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